Don't cry for me Thailand : Pravit Rojanaphruk

Posted by KwamRak on 07.2011 [ TV ] - ติดขอบเวที
The research work "Truth on Trial in Thailand: Defamation, treason, and lese-majeste" by David Streckfuss, an academic expert on the Lese Majeste law, disclosed that the use of Section 112 of criminal law has increased 1,500% since 2005. The most recent case is that of Joe Gordon, a Thai-American who is accused of posting a link to a book "The King never Smiles" on his blog. He was arrested and charged with breach of the Computer Crime Act and the Lese Majeste law (Section 112). If he is convicted, he could be jailed potentially for 22 years.

It is time to make the public understand the content of Section 112, so that fundamental freedom and rights will not be abused and violated.