The Lady ออง ซาน ซูจี

Posted by KwamRak on 12.2012 [ TV ] - สารคดี 0 trackback

The following video contains the first released footage from The LadyLuc Besson‘s upcoming film about Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi. Michelle Yeoh certainly looks the part and I’m sure she’s more than up to the task, and as you’d expect from Besson, it’s all very handsomely presented. He sure knows how to shoot a picture.

Having voiceover run through the footage had me thinking that CNN might be the new ET,* but the interview with Besson was better than anything ET would be interested in. Maybe not by enough of a margin, but still so. Not sure why they’re calling The Lady a docudrama here. I expect they’re misusing the term.